Apocalypse Later


Bradley Walker

Seven actors


Runtime ~ 1 Hr 20 Mins


This is a more serious play set in an apocalypse. Don't worry, there's not going to be zombies banging on the wall or any of that. Though the setting is the Apocalypse, the whole play takes place in a warehouse. Theapocalypse outside is referenced throughout, but that is the secondary narrative, the circumstance as it were. 


The play starts with a diverse group of people taking shelter. They have been here for a while. Throughout the duration of the play, the characters talk about their history, their beliefs, their ideals, their experiences and their dreams. Darren is not as liberal as the rest of the characters, hating the fact that Dara is Gay, Nazim is not "truly British" and that Rita is from Poland. He even hates the fact that Celia and and Sheila, though English are not from London.


Darren, in fact, finds the fact he is stuck with these people much worse than the fact there is an apocalypse.


Throughout the play, the characters open up, support and protect one another, creating their own little tight-knit family as they wait for rescue. Darren, however, storms out and risks his life to get away from this pit of multi-cultural filth, only to return after realising there is nowhere else to go.


This play will be quite static as it is very word-heavy; it will need interesting direction to make it visually satisfying to watch as well as listen to. Though it does not seem like a lot happens, intropsection is a journey within itself (har har) and should leave an audience respecting that though people are different, we are all here together and unity is something that can be found even in individuality.


This play is the only one which is a bit trickier to cast in a sense that it is less flexible, due to Darren having a problem with the others characters for who they are and where they're from. Still, it's at least ethnically diverse. Again, this can be re-written to accomdate other actors, as long as the general narrative can shine. Saying that, gender can be played with here easily, so there's something at least.

​- Characters:


Rita - Polish. Came over for her own reasons. Strong-minded, tough, speaks English really well; slight accent. Often angers Darren with her superior grasp of "his" language.


Darren - English. Intimidating. Racist, but doesn't see how as he justifies it in his own way. Hates the fact he is stuck with the people he doesn't believe belong in his city, rather than the fact the end of the world is here.


Dara - Irish. Gay. Compassionate. Sentimental. Studied over here; tends not to fight but is not scared of standing up for himself.


Nazim -  English with Ethnic roots. His parents are from a different country (depending on casting). He is down-to-earth, fair and tries to keep the peace.


Sheila - English. Not from London. Older than the others. A teacher. Loves poetry. Lost her child and husband and cannot get over it. She uses poetry as a coping mechanism... which is often laughed about by the others.


Bella -  English. Not from London. Early to late twenties. Is normally quiet but gets steadily more loud and opinionated. Her mother used to get abused by her father and she hates when people don't stand up for themselves.


Celia -  English. Not from London. Really pretty. Stereotypically good looking. From a rich family. She has been coveted and spoilt all her life. She doesn't have to work or deal with anything that less fortunate people tend to do. She isn't a snob though, or if she is, it's not intentional. Her perfect future would have consisted of an important husband, whilst she stays at home with the children.