Poster Design: Jarred Page
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Better Than Sex - The Story of Mae West  [One woman show]
Run time: 45 mins
The concept of this piece was thought up by Bella Bevan who originated the role of Mae.
Anyone wishing to perform this piece will need permission from both Bella and Emily.
Don't fret, we're very reasonable. However, this production is currently being performed in a handful of venues around London in 2019 so why not come along and check it out! You can read more about this production here.
Rights will not be available until after this run.



Better Than Sex: The Story of Mae West’ is a one-woman tantalising and timeless cabaret reflecting on the infamous 1930’s sex-symbol, Mae West. Through this icon we hear the tale that led to the rise and fall of her scandalous career, including live performances of the songs she made famous including “A Guy What Takes His Time” and “I’m No Angel”. Written and directed by Emily Hutt, and starring Bella Bevan as Mae West herself. This is a cabaret to entertain but also to tell an important story of a woman who didn’t let the social constructs of her time stop her from having the career and leading the life she wanted, therefore being a source of inspiration still to women of today.

We are proud to announce that this piece is being performed as part of the 2019 Catalyst festival in association within Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts - stay tuned!