Care Not, Fear Naught


Emily Hutt

20 actors (Inc. Ensemble)

Runtime ~ 2 Hrs *Condensed version of 50 Mins available

[Performed previously 6th-18th/8/2018 at Lime Studio, Nicolson Square for Edinburgh Fringe 18]

Anne Bonny was born in 1801, out of wedlock in Kinsale, Ireland. Within nineteen years would become one of the most infamous pirates to ever sail on the Caribbean Sea. Very little facts remain from her life in what was then the New World – merely tiny dots on a map. Through this play we connect the dots and tell the true story of a woman who lived in a world ruled by men. A woman who chose a path that led her into the heart of the most treacherous trade known; piracy.

And she didn’t do it for her sex, she didn’t do it to prove herself to the men of that time, she did it simply because she wanted to.

On board a ship she learns what it is to be a woman, dressed as a man. Working her way up from nothing she fights tooth and nail to make her way from Nassau’s underbelly to a captain’s side. She learns about love, about pain, about fear but most of all about freedom. And she’ll let nothing take it away from her.


Anne Bonny - Intelligent but quiet. She is beautiful but not in the traditional sense. She is quick to anger and give in easily to primal desires. Either blazing hot or freezing cold she is never anything in between.

Jack Packham - He’s bright – educated unlike most of the men of his trade. Takes care in his appearance. He is extremely ambitious and has the ability to foresee opportunities from a mile away. Completely taken with Anne since the moment he met her.

James Bonny - A bottom feeder. Would to anything for coin. Sees Anne as a business investment. Easily out-witted. 

William Cormac - Anne’s Father. Stern, cold and distant since Anne’s mother’s passing. He teaches Anne to strong but forces independence as he has no use for a daughter. Only ever saw how his choices affected his reputation.

Demon -  A character in Anne’s head. Only she sees/reacts to this character. The demon can be played my multiple actors, gender fluid. The demon is the physical presence of Anne’s constant primal needs and desires. How in control she is depicts their strength and focus. 

Mark Read* - Slightly older than Anne. English. Served in English infantry regiment disguised as a man before sailing to the New World. Skilled fighter and strategist. Intelligent though can have more humanity than Anne. 

Madame - Head of a brothel. She’s mature, tough and above all cold. As a calculated maternal, that is more of a vice to get what she wants than genuine.

Woode Rogers - Governor of Nassaeu. Brought in aa new regime that alsmost eradicated piracy for good. Stern, confidant public speaker with zero tolerance for piracy.  

Billy -  Rigger on The Revenge. Slim, arrogant but quite dim. 

Charles Vane - Arrogant, cruel and physically strong. He was trained by Blackbeard and uses terror to earn respect amongst his men.

Belemy -  First mate on The Revenge. Loyal. Clear-headed.

Blackbeard - Edward Teach. The most feared pirate ever known. Not so much a character but a symbol for everything Anne wants to become.

Mother - Mary Cormac, originally a maid in Anne’s father’s household in Ireland. Completely in love with William and her small family. Died of fever when Anne was sixteen.

Ensemble - The ensemble are constantly on and off the stage throughout the play. They ground the story, keeping Anne on track as the story jumps back and forth through time. They place Anne in certain places (for example the whorehouse, Charles town and Nassau. At times one member would step forward, fluidly forming the following characters.

* Mark Read is a character of interest; please ensure you have spoken to Emily Hutt or Bradley Walker should you want to purchase performance rights to Care Not, Fear Naught as casting may need to be discussed in advance.