Clash of Class 


Bradley Walker

Six/Seven actors 

Runtime ~ 1 Hr 15 mins]


[Originally performed at Arthur Cottrell Theatre and afterward as part of the International Youth Art's Festival.]


A contemporary comedy of manners. 

When Rupert and Heather Withers' empire - which was built on air filtering units - collapses due to the deaths of factory workers all around, their assets are frozen and the two, with their precious daughter, Charlotte, are forced to move to the desolate "Provincial North". 


Once there, they are thrown in to a living hell of boxed wine, graffiti, pubs and thanks to Charlotte's friendly nature, their dreaded new neighbours. the Langs.


When the Langs come round, a clash of class occurs with only Charlotte manning the middle ground. Soon, Rupert is forced to go with Dave on a 'blokey day out' whilst Heather is roped in to a day with Angie to see what there is for 'the girls' to do up there.


Rupert and Angie are forced to see how the other half live as they are guided through the town by the Lang's. Frequently they bump in to the versatile and busy Charlene, who seems to have every job in the town. Strangely though, one seems to realise that money isn't everything, where the other, unfortunately, is reaffirmed of the fact that it absolutely is.


Whether you prefer a peroni or a prosecco, there is something for you in the Withers' northern adventure.



Rupert - A preposterous, cowardly businessman who knows the value of the pound, in the context that if you throw enough at someone, they will do what you wish. Rude, blunt and opinionated.


Heather - Just like Rupert, Heather is blunt and often rude. Throughout the play, she learns that though these poor northerners do not have a lot of money, they have a true relationship that she has never felt toward Rupert.


Charlotte - Consdering she is the offspring of Rupert and Heather, Charlotte is level-headed, kind, caring and independant. The move to the north does not bother Charlotte at all.


Dave - Goofy, friendly, sweet and completely in love with Angie. He dreams of being a pub landlord one day, and of course, having Angie there with him every step of the way.


Angie - Just as goofy, friendly and sweet as Dave. The two are happiest when together, but seeing how much Heather is struggling to adjust and not being able to refuse Charlotte's wishes, Angie brings Heather around. Upon talking about how her and Dave work as partners, Angie is the catalyst for Heather realising she didn't have a husband in Rupert, she had a permanent business partner.


Charlene - Young and works as The Lang's babysitter, and the barmaid, and the cinema usher, and the bowling attendant, and a shopkeeper, and a paramedic, and a painter/decorator, flyering, beautician, waitress, and even the CIA. Charlene helps move the scenes along with the play and gives the actor a run for their money.


Marcela - The Withers' maid. Marcela is only in at the very start and the end and can therefore be played by the same actress as Charlene if you don't have the numbers. Marcela is a hardworker who storms out of the Withers' new home when she decides she does not have to work for them anymore.