Care Not, Feat Naught​


Lime Studio, Nicholson Square

Poster: Liam Cuthbert

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Care Not, Fear Naught was our spotlight show of 2018. This is what all the fundraising events in our calendar lead to.

Emily Hutt has a fascination with history, with real people. Her first original piece, 'After You Get What You Want', was one such piece that centred around the lives of real women. Now, she has taken a more gritty and obscure character, giving her the freedom to create a piece that is rooted in fact, yet peppered with artistic freedom. 

Care Not, Fear Naught tells the story of Anne Bonny, a woman who could have lived a life of limitless pleasures and little stress having been born in to a well-to-do family. Yet, those pleasures pleased her not. No, she had adventure in her soul! She traded the silk gowns for coarse breeches; corsets for stained cloth; manses and land for rocking ships, splintered decks and the taste of salty air - the taste of freedom and adventure. Many tried to dissuade her from a life of piracy, telling her of the horrors it will throw at her. But our Anne... she cared not, feared naught.

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