Bradley Walker

3 Actors


Runtime 1 hr 30 mins

[Excerpt most recently performed at The Vaulty Towers Play Pie Pint Festival, London. More info on this performance here.]

Inspirit is a dark comedy that explores the difficulty of moving on from deceased loved ones... from the point of view of the departed soul.

In it, we follow Jude and Michael who stumble home, tipsy, for a one night stand. Both are not well practiced in such circumstances, and soon it unfolds why. This is Jude's first time trying to move on from his deceased partner, William, whereas Michael has zero to no confidence and is an expert at overthinking.

When Jude goes to 'freshen up', Michael is soon confronted by the spirit of the aforementioned William, who is not all too pleased about the arrangement.

What follows it a story in which William describes how he's trying to pass his haunting classes, and the final one leaves him tasked with mysterious objective that he just can't seem to pass. Though, it's clear to Michael he just doesn't want to leave Jude, as he's still madly in love with him from beyond the veil of life.

Jude is constantly in and out, wondering why on earth this boy he took home is acting so bizarre.

In Inspirit, we consider heartbreak, the pain of loss, the difficulty in moving on - all in a quirky, erratic, and comical filter.