At Temporarily Misplaced, we strive to consistently create new, fresh and diverse scripts. We do this because we want to give minorities strong roles that do not perpetuate stereotypes, nor define the character by what they are, but rather who they are.

However, we also are very much aware that there are others out there who have fantastic ideas, a passion for creating work; people who think on the same wavelength as us but can't facilitate the creative force to produce a script. We understand there are people who fall in to a category that don't feel as represented, that are drowning somewhat in the mainstream aspect of the industry. Because of this, we have decided to dedicate a lot of our time in helping others; individuals who want to create scripts, work and also individuals that would like a piece tailored to them.

If you would like:

Entire Scripts

As much as we want to create our own pieces, we advocate the creation of others! If you have an idea, don't let is rest as a seed in your the garden of your mind. If you don't have the ability to grow it, contacts us. Just because you're not a writer doesn't mean you can't have the idea for a story; doesn't mean you can't outsource it and watch it bloom. You could give us the concept and have as little or as much of a say in it as you wish. Do it! Create!

Script Mentoring

We have faced head on the myriad challenges that trip many others up in this industry and have managed to learn from the mistakes. We understand the sheer mental toll that writing yourself in to a wall has on you - but we've managed to change the "I'm not good enough for this." in to a "How can I fix this?". Whether you are struggling with a minor plot obstacle, or need to completely restart - we can help guide you smoothly in the right way. We promise that!

Script Editing

So perhaps you can write. Perhaps you're comfortable with your ability to produce incredible dialogue and paint beautiful scenes with words. But... it looks a mess! That's okay - if anything, script format isn't all too important if you're putting the piece on yourself. You can help guide the actors, the set design, etc. But, if you want your work to be taken seriously; or if you wish to relinquish your hold on it and let another theatre company take it up, it's of utmost importance that it is in best possible shape. Not only to allow them to read and decipher your vision, but for you to cement exactly what you want. Write away, and then give us your jumbled baby! We will iron format it to the correct font, we will abolish those pesky tipos* (typos), we will fix the grammar, mistakes* (remove comma) and give it back to you as a professional level piece of work! Plus, if you request it, we may even offer suggestions to plot should we think it augments your narrative. 

Script Tutoring

Just starting out? Have the hazy form of an idea, scared to start because the wall seems to high to climb. Fret not, dear individual. Temporarily Misplaced Productions was set up but two writers - both with completely unique writing styles - that have been there. Let us help you, no matter where you are, in helping you create a fully-fledged script that is ready for performance. We can help with all aspects, from plot, to dialogue, to format. We meet, discuss your end goal, and we help you reach it! It's honestly a lot easier than you think, don't let your self-doubt debilitate you, it's not worth it!

Showreel Monologues

We've all scoured through 'Great Monologues for X, Y, Z' and ended up settling for something that kinda fits our typecast, even if the character is twenty-five years our senior, and from a different background, and speak strictly in Latin. Nah, forget those. Don't settle. If you want to be taken seriously as an actor, you need to sell yourself. Do you suit the quirky, awkward boy next door role? Don't transcribe a Michael Cera role, contact us! We can create scenes that are tailored to your strengths. Let's compile a few scenes that show your versatility as an actor. You are a product, you are trying to advertised yourself to agents and then to casting directors - why put yourself at a disadvantage? Respect yourself, invest in strong scenes. Give us an email and we can discuss a living breathing process that will end with a showreel that fully represents you! No matter who you are, what you look like, where you're from, you're you! There's a story out there for you to be cast in - make the path easier!

Acting Workshops (tailored to groups or individuals)

Have a big audition coming up? Teach drama and would like your students to be subject to outside practitioners - give them a taste of what to expect outside? Have an idea in your head of how to perform, but can't quite manage to execute it on stage? Tell us, let us come and run our workshop. Our resident director, Emily Hutt has directed plenty of shows and has worked with many actors. She has a way of respecting text and actor's individual styles, both. Let us work with you, we will let you keep the essence of your style, help you marry it to the text, the project and create a harmonious performance that fits!

Writing Workshops (tailored to groups or individuals)

The writing workshops we offer are generally a master class of all the above sections, but without going in to too much depth. Let us give you the basics of format, the tips and tricks of how to create a script. We can try to nudge you in the right direction of avoiding this mistake, veering away from this cliché... letting you know that it's never okay to kill the dog! Consider this an intense two hours session where you can go in knowing absolutely nothing, and leave having a pretty decent idea of what scriptwriting (or novel writing) requires of any hopefuls!

There is no flat rate for our services; if you contact us with what you are looking for, we can create a plan and agree on a fee. It is unfair to charge someone who wants to create a fifteen minute script the same as someone who is writing a five hour epic. We also offer student discounts, so if you have a valid NUS number, let it be known in the initial email so we can accommodate accordingly. Click here to be transported to the contact page.