Bradley Walker
6 Actors 
Runtime ~ 1 hr 15 mins
A comedy in which Gary finds himself with an opportunity he has waited for his whole life. A hotshot producer has finally read through one of his script submissions and liked it! He has deciding to give Gary a chance, considering he can provide a new, fresh script. The producer agrees to commision this script as long as Gary can meet the almost impossible deadline.
Gary works with Jane and Derek. They are his assistant, but are not all too great with the actual assisting part. They're slow on the uptake, not all that talented in writing and don't understand why Gary is so stressed. Gary, in turn, is not all that sure why he employs them. However, he needs their help in order to meet the deadline.
After Derek and Jane prove counter-productive under the pressure, Gary tasks them with getting two actors to come in so he can watch his words in action instantly. 
Claude and Stella are those actors. They only add to the confusion and create more chaos in the production of the script. Derek and Jane are dead-set on adding a Gorilla and Shotguns to the Romantic-Comedy Gary wants, whereas Claude refuses to work with others actors. Stella, on the other hand, is overly-desperate to work with anyone!
Gary storms out and comes back the next day with a director, Kali, who is renowned for her strict approach. It isn't until she arrives that he realises she is a director of canine actors.
Gary cannot focus on his script and in frustration he breaks down firing Derek and Jane, whilst insulting Stella, Claude and Kali.
The rest feel so bad for what they drove Gary to do that they decide to finish the script for him, complete with Gorilla's and Shotguns.
The show ends with the producer contacting Gary with his script... He loves it. He thinks it's fresh, and the Gorilla with a Shotgun?! Hilarious! Gary has to swallow his pride and call up Derek and Jane, asking for their help.
- Characters:
Gary - A nice guy who progressively grows more anxious and frustrated until he finally decides his lifelong dream is not worth this aggravation.
Derek - Young, dumb, not quite sure what is going on half the time. His main focus is finishing the rules for his and Jane's new game "Paperface." He loves Gorilla's. That's pretty much all you need to know.
Jane - Just as young and dumb as Derek is. They bounce off each other constantly. Their brainpower combined could be compared to that of an above-average intelligent hamster.
Claude - Son of the esteemed actor Gerald Rivers. Claude is entitled, self-righteous and rude. He is flamboyant and believes his is god's gift to acting.
Stella - The budding actress. She is eager to do anything and everything, too eager. She appreciates the chance to read Gary's work almost as much as the oxygen she breathes. She is studying acting in University and would probably choose a good old Uta Hagen book over a night out.
Kali - Abrupt, brutal, disciplined. Kali is an outright bitch, which is okay to say since she works with actual bitches every day. In fact, she has worked with them so long that she's almost forgot how to speak to actual people. She's not all that bad, if you do what she requires of you... she'll even throw you a treat.